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All You  Need is Love and Some Donuts


All You Need is Love and Some Donuts

I had my first experience at a wedding, working with a donut wall this past Fall and it was so much fun!!

When I first sat down with the couple it was one the first things we discussed. We were lucky enough to have a groom that was super handy and was able to construct the wall. Then it was finding a great bakery that specializes in gourmet donuts. Cake by Design was able to put together an amazing section that were both tasty and aesthetically pleasing. There were so many great designs it was hard narrowing it down to just a few. The bakery was able to use the couples wedding colours (navy, gold and pearl white) when creating the design.

The donut wall is a great way to get your guests involved in the night. There were cute and personalized takeaway bags for each guest to take a donut home with them.