The process of picking out bridesmaid dresses has essentially been the same since the beginning of time. Long hours are spent at multiple boutiques searching for a dress that everyone can agree on, then bridesmaids shell out lots of $$$ to purchase and alter it, all while claiming they will “totally wear it again!”. The modern bride has been waiting for the industry to make some much needed changes and the answer is finally here. Rental bridesmaid dresses are changing the game! Here are some reasons how renting your bridesmaid dresses will make your BFFs happier and your wedding planning 10x easier.

Cut costs for your ‘maids

You know how stressful it can be wedding planning on a budget, and your bridesmaids have a budget too. So show them how much you appreciate their unwavering support by helping them save some cash! Renting bridesmaid dresses instead of buying them can save each ‘maid up to 60%. That is some meaningful savings! Your girls will be grateful for your thoughtfulness, and most likely be even more willing to go the extra mile to help you out with your planning.

Mix and match with ease

Want to give your bridesmaids the chance to pick a dress that is comfortable and suits them best? But worried about this messing up your gorgeous, cohesive dream day? Don’t worry, at BridesMade, your bridesmaids can choose from tons of styles that flatter everybody, while you can be certain that the colours are a perfect match! Give your bridesmaids the freedom of choice while eliminating any worry that one girl’s pink will clash with another’s.

Save time and energy


Wedding planning can quickly switch from a joyous experience to an overwhelming nightmare at times. We know that any possible way to save your precious time is valuable! Don’t have time to spend the day hunting for bridesmaid dresses? Are you looking for a more efficient way? Using BridesMade, the whole process takes place online and can be completed in under 30 minutes. FREE colour swatches are sent so you can compare your options in natural lighting, and fit dresses are available so your girls can try on their dresses in the comfort of their own homes before purchasing. The dresses will be delivered straight to your doorstep in advance of the date, pressed and ready to go. The best part of all is that the dresses can be sent straight back once the wedding is over because cleaning is handled by the company. Learn all about how convenient the rental process is here.

Although there may not be one all encompassing way to make wedding planning easier, renting bridesmaid dresses is a simple solution guaranteed to save time and money while also making choosing styles easier!

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